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ADHD is not a Four Letter Word

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In this groundbreaking guide, respected nutrition expert Karen Ryan shatters the stigma of ADHD and offers an eye-opening new look at this long-misunderstood condition. Dispelling the myths that have come to define ADHD as an irreversible disorder, Karen shares the many facets that make up this gift while offering an abundance of drug-free strategies through which a child’s true creativity and character can shine.

ADHD Is Not a Four-Letter Word: Drug-Free Strategies for Managing the Gift That Is ADHD is a no-nonsense book designed to help those who live with children and teens with ADHD. There is no confusing scientific jargon here—just easy, everyday strategies to help kids get back on track. Inside, you’ll learn all about the following, and so much more:

  • the real short-term and long-term consequences of treating ADHD with conventional drugs
  • a safe, alternative multi-pronged treatment approach that addresses ADHD from angles drug therapy simply cannot
  • hidden environmental triggers that can exacerbate ADHD
  • techniques to restore a child’s productivity at school and beyond to help pave the way to a promising future

There are many different sides to ADHD and therefore no one-size-fits-all solution. Unlock the door to managing ADHD with better nutrition, improved behavioral support, and targeted education. And take back the reins without relying on dangerous medications and subjecting your child to their adverse effects. Thriving with ADHD is possible—and the secrets to making it happen are all right here in this comprehensive guide.

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