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ATP Energy Boost

Progressive Labs



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SKU: PGV-495

ATP Plus 90c is available by Progressive Labs.

Now with PEAK ATP, provides immediately available ATP. ATP is a compound that serves as the immediate source of energy for the body‘s cells. It increases energy and stamina, builds muscle density, increases muscle strength, buffers lactic acid buildup, (the reason for sore, achy muscle safter physical activity), delays fatigue and preserves muscle fibers. While ATP powers nearly every human function, ATP levels decline with age and in response to stress.

Low ATP levels are associated with impaired organ and muscle function. PEAK ATP delivers the ""exact molecule"" the human body needs to create energy. Magnesium is a key mineral cofactor for many anaerobic as well as aerobic reactions that generate energy, and has an oxygen-sparing effect. It is essential for the cells‘ mitochondria ""powerhouses"" to function normally, being involved in both the production and utilization of ATP. Malic acid also has an oxygen sparing effect and there are a number of indications that malic acid is a very critical molecule in controlling mitochondrial function. Malate is a source of energy from the Krebs cycle and is the only metabolite of the cycle which falls in concentration during exhaustive physical activity. Depletion of malate has also been linked to physical exhaustion. By giving malic acid and magnesium as dietary supplements, flexibility to use aerobic and anaerobic energy sources can be enhanced and energy production can be b

One (1) capsule with a glass of water three (3) times daily between meals on an empty stomach, or more, as directed by a doctor.

Magnesium ...100mg
(as magnesium hydroxide)
Malic Acid ...400mg
PEAK ATP ...100mg

Contains - Magnesium Stearate, Rice Flour

Keep out of reach of children.
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