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Bath Pro/Kiddie Night Bliss

Well-In-Hand Topical ProRemedies

20 Ounces



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SKU: WEL434-6905

Bath Pro/Kiddie Night Bliss 20oz is available by Well-In-Hand Topical Proremedies.

Let your bath help you get through your day! Slip into warm, aromatic wather and inhale the pure essential oils and feel your skin soften as it soaks in the nourishing seaweed blend. Contains sea salt, baking soda, sea weed blend, pure essential oils.

This bath is designed to separate the kids raucus, stressful, silly day from their peaceful, sweet, blissful evening and restful, quiet night.

No brewing necessary. Into a warm bath, pour 1/2 cup of Kiddie Night Bliss and play/soak 20 minutes before bedtime.

A blend of Sea salt, pure essential oils

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