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Betaine HCL

Integrative Therapeutics



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SKU: ITI-126002

A unique blend of betaine hydrochloride with pepsin to support healthy stomach acidity, gastric function, and protein digestion.*

Research suggests that the healthy production of hydrochloric acid and gastric enzymes are uniquely vulnerable to the effects of stress, occasional sleeplessness, and the aging process. Betaine HCl provides a combination of betaine hydrochloride and pepsin that works with the body to support healthy stomach acidity, gastric function, and protein digestion.*

  • Adequate amounts of hydrochloric acid are necessary for the absorption of vitamins and minerals, and to maintain a sterile environment in the stomach.*
  • Pepsins represent approximately 70% of the protein-digesting enzymes needed to convert the protein in food into usable amino acids.
  • Easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules

Suggested Use:
Take 1 or 2 capsules at the beginning of each meal, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.  Do not chew.

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Amount Per Serving
Betaine HCl ... 1.3g
Pepsin ... 260mg
(acid-stable protease)

Other Ingredients: vegetable capsule (modified cellulose), cellulose, calcium laurate, silicon dioxide

Betaine HCl Does Not Contain

  • artificial coloring
  • artificial flavoring
  • corn
  • dairy products
  • gluten
  • preservatives
  • salt
  • soy
  • sugar
  • wheat
  • yeast

Warning: Not recommended for use if peptic ulcer, gastritis or heartburn is present.

If pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications, consult your healthcare professional prior to use.

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