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SKU: BRC-1011
Bio-K-Mulsion® supplies vitamin K1 (500 mcg per drop) in an emulsified liquid form to aid in the uptake and utilization of this important vitamin. Vitamin K status is important in bone health, and recent research has linked it to cardiovascular health as well.* Bio-K-Mulsion® is an oil-in-water emulsion. Vitamin K oil has been dispersed into microscopic particles to aid with absorption and assimilation.
One (1) drop each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.

Serving Size: 1 Drop (0.04ml)

Amount Per Serving
Vitamin K ... 500mcg 
(as K1-phytonadione)

Other Ingredients: Water, gum arabic and sesame seed oil.

This product is gluten and dairy free.
Caution: Those taking warfarin should avoid supplementation with vitamin K unless specifically recommended and monitored by their physician. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid supplemental intakes higher than the RDA (65 mcg) unless specifically recommended and monitored by their physician.


Store in a cool, dry area. Sealed with an imprinted safety seal for your protection.
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