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Bright Eye Rehmannia Liquid

Kan Herb Company



Bright Eye Rehmannia Liquid product image

Chinese Action: Replenishes Liver and Kidney Yin, nourishes the Liver and improves vision

Indications (symptoms):
Blurry or diminished vision
Dry, painful or itchy eyes
Excess tearing

10-20 drops, 2-3 times daily (recommended for adults), shake well before every use.

Lycium fruit
Abalone shell
Tribulus fruit
Rehmannia root
Chinese yam root
Asiatic cornelian cherry
Tree peony bark
Poria coccos fruiting body
Asian water plantain rhizome

Water 55% to 65%
Alcohol 18% to 22%
(per volume)

To evaporate alcohol, place drops in hot water.

Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature.

Use only as directed by your health care professional and seek their advice if pregnant or nursing.

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