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SKU: PGV-851

C ASPA SCORB 8oz is available by Progressive Labs.

C Aspa Scorb was formulated as a mineral transporter based on the results of studies by several researchers, principally Hans Neiper, M.D., West Germany.

Therapeutic - 1 tsp. 3 times daily or more as directed by doctor. Maintenance - 1/3 tsp. 3 times daily or 1 tsp. Daily

Vitamin C ...4000mg
Magnesium ...250mg
(from magnesium ascorbate and magnesium aspartate)
Zinc (from zinc ascorbate) ...30mg
Selenium (from selenium ascorbate) ...50mcg
(from manganese ascorbate)
Potassium ...96mg
(from potassium ascorbate and potassium aspartate)

Contains - Silicon dioxide

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