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Comfort Shen

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Calms the Shen by settling the Heart and Liver Yang, nurturing the Heart Blood, and strengthening the Kidney Yin. Through sedating and cooling, a sense of unity and equilibrium are restored.

-Occasional insomnia or restless sleep, occasional exhausting or disturbing dreams

-Temporary anxiety and fright; occasional jitteriness and dizziness associated with nervous fatigue.

-Confusion associated with inability to concentrate

-Occasional soreness of the mouth and tongue

-Urinary discomfort associated with nervousness

-Drug withdrawal syndrome with anxiety, hysteria and confusion

Pin Yin Herb
-Common Name

Zhen zhu mu
-Mother-of-pearl shell
Long gu
-Dragon bone
Duan ci shi
Bao mu fu shen
-Poria with wood root
Yuan zhi (da)
-Polygala root
Ling zhi
-Reishi fruiting body
Ye jiao teng
-Polygonum multiflorum stem
Suan zao ren (chao)
-Sour jujube seed (dry fried)
Mai men dong
-Ophiopogon tuber
Hu po
-Amber resin
Chuan xiong
-Sichuan lovage rhizome
Wu wei zi
-Schisandra fruit

Drug or alcohol induced sedation

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