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Constipation Formula/BWL

Dr. Garber's Natural Solutions



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SKU: GAR-0008

Constipation Formula/BWL 2oz is available by Dr. Garbers Biotherapy Formulas.


Helps to regulate sluggish bowel function.

Natural Solutions
Homeopathic Remedy
2 FL. OZ. (60 ML)

Dr.Garbers constipation formula. It is indicated in the regulation of sluggish, atonic bowel function. This formula is also quite beneficial in cases of irritable bowel syndrome with episodic constipation. The sarcode chosen for this formula is Large Intestine in the 5C potency for its stimulatory effect on this tissue and its influence on peristalsis. The litho Gres Rose, or Pink Sandstone, plays a role in stool formation and consistancy. Ligustrum vulgare facilitates drainage of the mucus membranes of the intestines while Rosemary officinalis is the quintessential liver/gall bladder drainer. Vaccinium vitis idea acts on the entire pelvic basin, having an effect on the bladder and reproductive organs as well as the lower gastrointestinal tract.

Take 25-50 drops 2-4 times per day in a small amount of water. (Note: 25 drops fills approximately half of this dropper.) Children under 12 should not take this product unless advised to do so by a health care professional.

Active Ingredients:

Large Intestine 5C
Pink Sandstone 8X
Prim Wort
(young shoots) 1 DH
(young shoots) 1 DH
Wine Berry
(young shoots) 1 DH

Contains - Ethanol, USP, Glycerin, USP, Purified Water, USP

Keep out of reach of children.

If pregnant or breast feeding, seek the advice of a health care professional before using this product.

If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care professional. Do not use if imprinted shrink band is broken or missing.

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