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Copti Detox is available in a 4 oz. bottle and 60 tablet form.

Historical Antecedent: Coptis Decoction to Relieve Toxicity

Chinese Action:
Clears pathogenic Heat or Fire from all Three Burners

Indications (symptoms):
Skin infections, dysenteric disorders, pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginitis, urinary tract infections
Boils, rashes, abscesses
Blood infections or hemorrhage
Damp Heat jaundice

1-2 tablets, 2-3 times daily (recommended for adults)

Coptis rhizome
Gardenia fruit
Chinese skullcap root
Phellodendron bark

50 mg excipients & binders:
silicon dioxide (glidant/dehydrant), stearic acid (lubricant/binder), microcellulose (coating)

Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature.

Use only as directed by your health care professional and seek their advice if pregnant or nursing.



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