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Disperse Qi Liquid

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This formula facilitates the upward and downward, inward and outward circulation of
Qi which in turn insures the equitable distribution of Moisture and Blood.

-Promotes healthy functioning of digestive tract, easing occasional sensations of
 fullness in the chest or abdomen, gas pains, belching
-Aids in relieving occasional diarrhea or constipation, lack of peristalsis, slow
 digestion of food
-Soothes spasm of the esophagus, occasional acid regurgitation, helps ease pain
 due to passage of gallstones
-Helps relieve occasional nausea or indigestion due to overeating, food
 incompatibility, or food toxicity

1-2 droppers, 2-3 times daily. Shake well before every use.

In Pinyin:
Mai ya, Mu xiang, Xiang fu, Chen pi, Qing pi, Zhi ke, Zi su zi, Hou po, Sha ren,
Tie geng, Chuan huang lian.
In Common:
Barley sprout, Saussurea root, Cyperus rhizome, Tangerine dried rind of mature
fruit, Tangerine dried rind of green fruit, Bitter orange mature fruit, Perilla
seed, Magnolia bark, Chinese amomum fruit, Platycodon root, Coptis rhizome.

Water 55%-65%, Alchohol 18%-22%, <2% vegetable glycerin.

-Excessive bleeding
-Suspected appendicitis or intestinal obstruction

Use only as directed by your health care provider and seek their advice if
pregnant or nursing.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store at room temperature, keep tightly capped and out of direct sunlight.


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