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SKU: PGV-444

GSC stands for glandular stress complex, and it contains all the glandular components that need support during infections, times of mental stress, and athletic competition. Thymus and spleen aid the immune system. Adrenal promotes the bodys production of natural cortisone, liver aids in detoxification of rapidly forming metabolic by-products, and stomach lining enhances quick absorption of nutrients. Vitamin B-12 has been added to combat anemia and to facilitate RNA/DNA synthesis.

1-3 or more capsules daily

One capsule contains: Vitamin B12 24mcg, Raw Bovine Adrenal Conc. 15mg, Raw Bovine Liver Conc. 15mg, Raw Bovine Thymus Conc. 60mg, Raw Bovine Spleen Conc. 15mg, Raw Bovine Stomach Conc. 15mg

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