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Guna-Geriatrics product image
SKU: GUNA-34918
Temporary relief of symptoms due to aging, such as: poor memory, poor concentration

Take 15 minutes before meals
Adults and children 12 years and older: 20 drops in a little water 2 times per

Children between 12 and 6 years of age: 10 drops in a little water 2 times per

Children under 6 years of age: 5 drops in a little water 2 times per day.

Active ingredients: Purposes:
ACTH 6X________Adrenal Support
Arnica montana 6X_______Anti-inflammatory
Barium oxalosuccinate 3X_____Forgetfulness
Baryta carbonica 6X_____Improves Mental Attention
Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor 4C_____Helps Mental Activity
DL-malic acid 3X_____Promote Cell Metabolism
Frontal lobe 6X_____Stimulates Mental Alertness
Glandula suprarenalis 6X_____Detoxification
Hepar 6X_____Detoxification
Hypothalamus 6X_____Improves Mental Attention
Insuline-like Growth Factor-1 4C_____Enhances Protein Anabolism
Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone 6X_____Helps Manage Stress
Melatonin 4C_____Helps Manage Stress
Neurotrophin 3 4C_____Helps Mental Activity
Neurotrophin 4 4C_____Helps Mental Activity
Oxytocin 6X_____Stimulates Social Recognition
Parabenzochinon 3X_____Antioxidant
Phenylalanine 3X_____Stimulates Mental Alertness
Plumbum metallicum 6X_____Antiaging
Pyruvic acid 3X_____Antioxidant
Thyrotropin-releasing hormone 6X_____Helps Manage Stress
Thyroxine T4 6X_____Stimulates Mental Alertness

Inactive Ingredient: Ethyl alcohol 30%

Stop use and ask doctor if symptoms of poor memory, impaired concentration
worsen or persist more than 5 days.

Keep out of reach of children.

If pregnant of nursing consult your healthcare professional before using this

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This
product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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