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Herbal Douche

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Mix 2 tablespoons per 2 cups of warm water. It is advisable to use an acidophilus suppository in the evening and Herbal Douche in the morning. (There are approximately five, 2-tablespoon doses per 4-oz bottle.) Adjunct Supplementation:

Althaea officinalis (marshmallow), Mahonia spp. (Oregon grape), Origanum vulgare (oregano), Calendula officinalis (calendula), Usnea spp. (old mans beard), Achillea millefolium (yarrow) and thyme essential oil in a base of organic apple cider vinegar.

Do not use more than 1 time a day, or for longer than 5 consecutive days. Vaginal infections should be brought to the attention of a qualified healthcare practitioner before self-treatment. This formula is contraindicated in pregnancy. Douching can cause severe irritation. If this occurs, stop douching. Consider Calendula suppositories to soothe tissues before moving forward with any further treatment.

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