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Jade Control

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Heavy Periods with Fibroids or Other Obstructions

Focus of Treatment:
-Break up Blood stasis and reduce excessive bleeding
-Clear Damp and Phlegm accumulation
-Reinforce Blood to make good the loss

Fu ling
Dang gui shen
 (Dong quai root)
Chi shao
 (Chinese red peony root)
Cu san leng
 (Sparganium rhizome (vinegar prepared))
Cu e zhu
 (Zedoary rhizome (vinegar prepared))
Yi mu cao
 (Siberian motherwort herb)
Tian qi
 (Tienchi ginseng root)
Chuan xiong
 (Sichuan lovage rhizome)
Tao ren
 (Peach seed)
Gui zhi
 (Chinese cinnamon twig)

Contraindicated during an acute phase of an infection or attack by an external pathogen
Contraindicated if trying to conceive


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