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Jade Moon Phase 2 Over 35 Liquid

Kan Herb Company

2 ounces



Jade Moon Phase 2 Over 35 Liquid product image

Promote Ovary Function, Women Over 35 years

Focus of Treatment:
-Tonify Kidney Jing or Essence, Yin and Yang to strongly
 promote ovarian function
-Nourish Blood to promote endometrial growth
-Regulate Liver Qi and Blood to maintain order and
 synchrony in the menstrual cycle

Shan zhu yu
 (Asiatic cornelian cherry)
Dang gui shen
 (Dong quai root)
Bai shao
 (White peony root)
Dan shen
 (Chinese salvia root and rhizome)
Mu dan pi
 (Tree peony root bark)
Fu ling
Tu si zi
 (Chinese dodder seed)
He huan pi
 (Silk tree bark)
Ze xie
 (Asian water plantain rhizome)
Sha ren
 (Chinese amomum fructus)
Bu gu zhi
 (Psoraleae fruit)
Zhi xiang fu
 (Cyperus rhizome (prepared))
Lu jiao jiao
 (Deer horn gelatin (soybean))
Zi shi ying
Yin yang huo
 (Epimedium herb)

Use caution if taking medications for IVF
Contraindicated during an acute phase of an infection or attack by an external pathogen

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