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Organic Lemon, Yellow

Amrita Aromatherapy



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Organic Lemon, Yellow product image
SKU: AMR-413110

-Helps Support Digestion and Immunity

-Fresh, Clean Aroma

-Stimulates Alertness and Concentration

Lemon Essential Oil is full of energy, sparkle, and optimism. Lemon Essential Oil is a good choice to diffuse when trying to clear a room of the smell of cigarette smoke or as a disinfectant for the home.* It is also frequently added to spray cleansers and other household cleaners.

Known as one of the most popular and easily recognized essential oils, Lemon is a superb immune booster and fighter of the common cold and flu.* Cold pressed Lemon Essential Oil is phototoxic; please refer to the safety information in the How to Use section for proper use and care.*


Ingredients: Lemon Essential Oil.


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