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Lunette Menstrual Cup Violet Model 1




Lunette Menstrual Cup Violet Model 1 product image
Reusable Menstrual Cup

Suggested Use:
Use for period protection for up to 12 hours. See included booklet for usage instructions.


Ingredients: Medical grade silicone

No BPA. No latex.

● Use Lunette Cup only during menstruation.

● Lunette Cup is a personal hygiene product, do not share the cup.

● Lunette Cup is not sterile, therefore it must be boiled before the first use.

● Replace Lunette Cup when any signs of damage e.g. cuts or any deterioration are observed, or when it has discolored or stained due to insufficient cleaning.

● The stem is not meant for pulling and might break if pulled.

• Lunette Cup should sit in the lower vagina as a receptacle for menstrual bleeding. If the cervix is obstructed, you could experience an unpleasant feeling or cramping.

● Lunette Cup is not a contraceptive device and it cannot be used during sexual intercourse.

● Lunette Cup does not protect users from sexually transmitted diseases.

● Remember to carefully wash your hands before and after handling Lunette Cup.

● Don’t use Lunette Cup for more than 12 hours at a time. Please note that local restrictions may apply: e.g. France (ANSES): 6-8 hours and no overnight use.

● Remove Lunette Cup, discontinue use and contact a doctor if you experience symptoms such as general pain, burning, irritation, inflammation in the genital area, discomfort during urination, rash, allergic reaction

(due to e.g. rare silicone hypersensitivity), or kidney-related back pain, or any adverse effects.

● Lunette Cup should not be used for anything other than menstrual bleeding, e.g. post-natal bleeding, because of a higher risk of infection.

● Keep Lunette Cup away from children and pets.

● Using Lunette Cup with an IUD or contraceptive ring should not be a problem, however, we recommend consulting your doctor before use. Check the correct placement of the IUD regularly - if you are unsure of the its placement or its strings, you should check with your doctor. Pay attention to the right cup removal technique and release the pressure. Please note that an IUD may partially or completely be displaced from the uterus for various reasons.

● When Lunette Cup is damaged or at the end of its service life, discard with household Y5waste.



Is an infection caused by bacteria entering through wounds or mucous membrane. Symptoms include: sudden high fever, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, a rash resembling sunburn, muscle aches, fainting or blackouts.

TSS is an extremely rare, potentially fatal disease occurring in all genders and ages. Early recognition and cure is vital, so if you have some of the symptoms mentioned above, remove Lunette Cup immediately, contact your doctor and tell them about the possibility of TSS.


ATTENTION! If you have gynecological problems, discuss using Lunette Cup with your doctor.


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