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Move Mountains Liquid

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These herbs renew vital secretions, augment defenses, and enliven awareness by
restoring the Three Treasures - Jing, Qi, and Shen. Because this formula is equally
nourishing to Yin and Yang, it rejuvenates and benefits almost everyone.
-Occasional generalized fatigue, weakness or lack of endurance
-Assists in recuperating from illness or childbirth
-Supports mental and physical capacity and performance
-Helps sustain vigor and alertness

Standard Adult dosage: 1-1.5 droppers, 2-4 times a day, or as
directed by your medical professional.

Common name:
Astragalus root, Schisandra fruit, Lycium fruit, Aromatic Solomons seal rhizome,
White Asian ginseng root, White Asian ginseng tail.

Pinyin name:
Huang qi, Wu wei zi, Gou qi zi, Yu zhu, Ji lin bai ren shen, Ji lin bai ren shen tail.

ALWAYS follow the directions given by your healthcare professional.
Keep this product out of reach of children. Store in room temperature, and out of direct sunlight.


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