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Mycopryl 680




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Aim for a smooth digestive system and sound intestinal health with Mycopryl 680 from T. E. Neesby. Containing caprylic acid calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide this dietary supplement reportedly aids speedy digestion.* Caprylic acid is beneficial in promoting fat oxidation and studies show that it may speed up the process of excess calorie burning. Calcium hydroxide present in the capsules helps in providing relief from occasional heartburn. Magnesium hydroxide appears to help relieve occasional indigestion and gas.* These capsules contain triglycerides which appear to support energy levels. Triglycerides are known to help support proper food absorption and fat digestion.* This dietary supplement from T. E. Neesby helps increase the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut thus helping keep your digestive system healthy. Take Mycopryl 680 from T. E. Neesby for healthy digestion support.*

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