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SKU: GUNA-07520
Temporary relief of symptoms related to athletic traning and exertion such as: muscle cramps, sore muscles, lack of endurance

Turn tube upside down and rotate the cap twice to release 2-3 pellets into cap, unscrew cap and without touching pellets tip them into mouth. 3 pellets 3 times a day.

Alpha-Ketoglutar ac 6X HPUS, Alpha-Lipoicum ac 6X HPUS, Adenosintriphosphate 8X, Ascorbic acid, Barium oxalsuccinate 6X, Beta vulgaris 2X HPUS, Cerium oxalicum 6X HPUS, Cis-aconitic acid 6X, Coenzyme A 6X HPUS, Cysteinum 6X HPUS, Embryo suis 6X HPUS, Fumaricum acidum 6X HPUS, Ginseng 3X HPUS, Glandula suprarenalis suis 10X HPUS, Lacticum acidum 8X HPUS, Magnesium gluconate 2X, Malic acid 6X, Mang phosph 6X HPUS, Muscle tissue, Porcine 6X, Natrum oxalaceticum 6X HPUS, Natrum pyruvicum 6X HPUS, Pyridoxinum hydrochloricum 6X HPUS, Riboflavinum 6X HPUS, Succinicum acidum 6X HPUS, Thiaminum hydrochloricum 4X HPUS

Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms persist more than 5 days. Keep out of reach of children.

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