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SKU: PAC-40170

Supports joint and spine health, flexibility and comfort.


  • Stinging nettle leaf
  • Devils claw root
  • White willow bark
  • Yucca root

Anti-Inflammatory, Helps Eliminate Toxic Accumulations in Joints:
Helps Reduce Stiff Muscles and Joints, Reduces Pain:

  • Sichuan teasel root Xu Duan

Improves Blood and Qi Circulation:

  • Cinnamon twig Gui Zhi
  • Dong quai root Dang Gui
  • Ginger root (fresh) Xu Duan

Relieve Arthritic Pain, Reduce Inflammation:

  • Chinese clematis Wei Ling Xian
  • Frankincense (Boswellia) Ru Xiang
  • Gentiana root Qin Jiao
  • Sichuan teasel root Xu Duan
  • Turmeric root Jiang Huang

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