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Patchouli (Organic)

Amrita Aromatherapy



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Patchouli (Organic) product image
SKU: AMR-459110

-USDA Certified Organic

-Supports Creative, Out of the Box Thinking

-Hydrates the Skin

-Deters and Tackles a Wide Range of Illnesses

Patchouli Organic Essential Oil is a time-tested, truly classic essential oil which is well-known within the aromatherapy community. As a general practice, Amrita doesn’t recommend Patchouli for just anyone, as it tends to disconnect from life purpose and traditional values. It is good to use for avantgarde artists and those who want to walk off the beaten path. Patchouli can help you act in ways your mother told you not to!

Patchouli has long been recognized as having many beneficial qualities toward skin health.* While helping to alleviate dry skin, it can also help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, or problem skin areas.* It helps to keep the complexion looking healthy and reduce the appearance of varicose veins, all while enhancing the overall feel of the skin.* Patchouli oil can also be used for significantly reducing tangles in hair and works fantastically in beard oils solutions for men.* These effects are achieved by applying topically in various ways.


Ingredients: Organic Patchouli 


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