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Peony and Licorice Formula Liquid

Kan Herb Company



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Nourishes Heart Yin and Blood, nourishes Liver Blood, transforms Heart Phlegm, calms the Shen, nourishes the Brain, strengthens the Kidneys, extinguishes Liver Wind

Pattern Identification
-Liver Yin and Blood deficiency from damage to fluids by sweating or dehydration
Chinese Action
-Softens the Liver, relieves spasms and pain, and alleviates chills
-Light red or pale, little coat

Indications (Symptoms)
-Occasional abdominal pain and/or spasm, muscle spasms
-Eases pain of sports injuries, shin splints, calf pain
-Aids in relieving slight chills, irritability

10-20 drops, 2-3 times daily (recommended for adults), shake well before every use.

Pinyin Name
 -Common Name
Bai shao
 -White peony root
Gan cao
 -Chinese licorice root

Water: 55% to 66% by volume
Alcohol: 18% to 22% by volume

Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature.

Use only as directed by your health care professional and seek their advice if pregnant or nursing.

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