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Phytofuge  product image
Phytofuge 90 tablets

Ingredients per 3 tablets:
Wormwood leaf and stem (Artemisia absinthium) 225 mg
Black Walnut hull and seed (Juglans nigra) 225 mg
Jamaica Quassia wood (Picrasna excelsa) 225 mg
Clove seed (Syzygium aromaticum) 75 mg
Pumpkin seed (Cucurbita pepo) 75 mg
Deodorized Garlic bulb (Allium sativum) 150 mg
Pippli seed (Piper longum) 30 mg
Caprylic acid 150 mg
Pau D-Arco root bark (Tabebuia heptophylla) 5:1 extract 150 mg
Rosemary leaf and stem (Rosmarinus officinalis) 4:1 extract oil 2.25 mg
Thyme leaf and stem (Thymus vulgaris) 4:1 extract oil 2.25 mg
Undecylenic acid (Calcium undecylenate) 300 mg
Grapefruit seed and rind extract (Citrus x paradisi) 75 mg
Bismuth citrate 150 mg

Other ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, cottonseed oil, magnesium stearate, and croscarmellose sodium.

Suggested Use:
Take 1-3 tablets, 3 times a day

Warning: Do not exceed recommended dose or use long term. If you are pregnant or nursing, seek the advice of our physician before using this or any product.
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