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ProBerry 3 liquid

D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition

8 Ounces



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Dark-hued berries such as blueberry contain antioxidants that fight free radicals and may even be a potent weapon against aging.

These berry flavonoids are capable of increasing intracellular levels of vitamin C, maintaining capillary stability, quenching free radicals, maintaining the integrity of collagen, inactivating microbial enzymes and enhancing resistance to infection, and blocking microbial adhesion to cells. Blueberry is only one of three powerful ingredients in our exclusive ProBerry concentrate blend. Elderberries are a rich source of Antioxidants and are a great choice for immune support during the cold and flu season.

The syrup is pleasant tasting and a hit with children. Add a teaspoon to water, tea or juice during cold and flu season, and at any time the rest of the year for a potent and delicious healthy-aging, antioxidant tonic.

1 tsp. 1-3 times daily

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