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PSI Daytime

Integrative Therapeutics



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PSI Daytime 60 capsules

Four capsules contain:
Vitamin B-3 200 mg, Calcium carbonate 200 mg, Vitamin B-6 40 mg, Magnesium oxide 200 mg, Copper gluconate 500 mcg, Potassium chloride 99 mg, White willow (Slaix alba 4:1)600 mg, White willow (15% salicin) 200 mg, Wild yam 300 mg, Black cohosh 200 mg, Boswellia (65% boswellic) 200 mg, Tumeric (95% curcumin) 100 mg, Bromelain (3500 mcu/gm) 300 mg, L-Glutamic acid HCl 50 mg, Arnica montana 30x

Suggested Use:
Take two to six capsules daily. Best taken on an empty stomach between meals or up to 20 minutes before meals.
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