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Rehmannia Eight Combination Liquid

Kan Herb Company



Rehmannia Eight Combination  Liquid product image

This formula nourishes Kidney Yin and Qi.

Indications (Symptoms):
_Mild to moderate urinary incontinence or
excessive urination
_Low back weakness or stiffness
_Tongue with purplish cast

Take 2-3 times daily:

1-10lbs - 5-10 drops
11-20lbs - 10-20 drops
21-35lbs - 1/2-1 dropperful
36-75lbs - 1-1 1/2 dropperful
76-100lbs - 1 1/2-2 dropperful

1 dropperful = 40drops

Pinyin Name
  -Common Name
Shu di huang
  -Rehmannia root (prepared)
Shan yao
  -Chinese yam rhizome
Shan zhu yu
  -Asiatic cornelian cherry
Fu ling
Ze xie
  -Asian water plantain rhizome
Mu dan pi
  -Tree peony root bark
Rou gui
  -Chinese cinnamon bark
Zhi fu zi
  -Sichuan aconite root

Cautions & Contraindications:
Acute renal inflammation
Caution: Discontinue or lower dose if vomiting
occurs after use of formula

Shake well before every use. Use only under the direct
supervision of a qualified health care practioner, seek
their advice if pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of
children. Keep tightly capped and out of direct sunlight.
Store at room temperature. Do not put dropper in mouth.

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