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Restore Integrity Liquid

Kan Herb Company



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-Helps relieve frequent urination, cloudy urine, occasional incontinence, watery
 vaginal discharge.
-Regulates and strengthens Kidney and Heart, stabilizes the Essence (Jing), constrains leakage
-Supports reproductive health.

-Occasional disturbed sleep with vivid dreaming, forgetfulness or spaciness

Pattern Identification: Heart and Kidney not interacting, Heart and Kidney Qi deficiency.
  Pulse: Vacuous, weak, thin, slow or scattered.
  Tongue: Pale and puffy with a thin white coat.

Adults: 20-30 drops, 2-3 times daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Common names-
Dragon bone, Mantis egg case, Polygala root, Altaica rhizome, Poria, Sharp-leaf galangal fruit,
Chinese yam rhizome, Lindera tuber, Asiatic Cornelian cherry, Chinese red ginseng root, Schisandra
fruit, Dong quai root head, Dang gui tou), Chinese licorice root, Chinese red ginseng tail.

Pinyin name-
Long gu sheng, Sang piao xiao, Yuan zhi da, Jiu jie chang pu, Fu ling, Shan yao, Wu yao, Yi zhi ren,
Shan zhu yu, Shi zhu hong ren shen, Wu wei zi, Gan cao, Shi zhu hong ren shen tail.




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