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Rose, Absolute

Amrita Aromatherapy



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SKU: AMR-47231

-Relaxes the Mind for Restful Sleep

-Soothes Troubled Thoughts with Boost of Mood

-Helps Balance Irregular Mensus and Female Hormones

Rose Absolute is produced from Rosa damascena also known as Damask Rose. It has deep, rich, sweet exquisite fragrance has been valued throughout recorded history for its heart opening, relaxing and aphrodisiac qualities. It takes approximately 4000 kilograms of petals to produce 1 kilogram of pure rose oil. It is also commonly used in the perfume industry.

No other flower has been exalted in literature and mythology or used for so many sacred purposes, as the rose. In ancient art and literature, the rose was the predominant flower symbol. Its blossoms symbolize beauty, love, youth, perfection, and immortality. In modern times, rose oil and rosewater are extensively used as fragrance components in skin care preparations, perfumes, soaps, and food flavoring.

Today, Rose Absolute is preferred by perfumers over Rose Otto due to its rich and highly intense fragrance, meaning relatively little is needed to achieve the desired fragrance strength.* Rose Absolute is also cherished for its skincare and aromatic benefits; it is reputed for its anti-aging and skin rejuvenating effects and is also a well-known aphrodisiac.*


Rose Absolute is both gentle and strong. Just a single drop contains the aroma of a full bouquet of roses, with all the comforting, loving feelings that can inspire.* The aroma is heady with a hint of spice. Use Rose Absolute during times of emotional or physical stress—it can soothe a troubled spirit and calm sore muscles and joints.*

With its enticingly rich, sweet and floral character, Rose Absolute is intrinsically valuable to perfumers. Not only does it add complexity as a heart note by forming an aromatic bridge between top notes and base notes; but also for its calming properties which have been known to soothe strong emotions in times of grief or create relaxation when diffused or used with a carrier oil before sleep.*

With its protective and astringent qualities, Rose Absolute can be an ideal choice for those seeking improved skin clarity, softness, and a reduction of irritation.* Additionally, it is known to provide anti-aging effects by addressing the common issues associated with mature skin such as dryness; dull complexion; age spots; fine lines or wrinkles.* This powerful skincare ingredient may even help diminish scarring while showing calming results through reducing inflammation in addition to pigmentation brought on by external environmental factors!*

Rose Absolute is more than a fragrant flower – it's an incredible healer! Research has shown that this natural remedy can help ease problems related to the female reproductive system, such as premenstrual syndrome and menopause.* Aromatherapy with Rose Absolute can also be beneficial in providing balance and harmony while aiding menstrual complications like irregular cycles or infertility.*

Rose Absolute is a powerful ingredient possessing aroma-therapeutic benefits so potent, it has long been recognized for its ability to restore balance and lift moods.* Studies suggest Rose Absolute stimulates calming effects that can be used as an effective remedy against anxiety, stress or insomnia.* The romantic scent carries invigorating properties known to uplift one's spirit into tranquility - kindling passion within relationships through increased arousal and enhancing intimacy you never knew possible!*

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