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Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol Sinus Relief

Sovereign Silver



Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol Sinus Relief product image

"Colloidal Silver" has been used since the late 1800s in countless applications, and encompasses a wide variety of silver products. Many contain (claimed or unclaimed) salts, proteins, compounds or stabilizers - all of which affect the safety and efficacy of silver.

Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol represents the ultimate refinement of the colloidal silver category. It contains 98% positively charged silver, in pharmaceutical-grade purified water. Our unique silver species, with a verified and unmatched particle size, remains in its most active state for use within the body.


Maintenance Dose* - Once daily, hold 1 tsp. under tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.
Immune-Building* - 3 times daily.
Long-Term Immune Support* - 5 times daily.
Short-Term Immune Support* - 7 times daily.

Serving Size: 10 sprays (1 mL)

Amount Per Serving
Silver ... 10mcg

Other Ingredients: Pharmaceutical-grade purified water.

Please be aware that federal regulations limit dietary supplements to oral administration, even if structure/function claims may be specific to certain body parts.

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