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SKU: KAR-5206

Standardized herbal extract

  • Silymarin is a mixture of potent bioflavonoids that accelerates regeneration of the liver by increasing the antioxidant capability of the cells.
  • Silymarin contains liver-specific antioxidant properties, directly scavenging free radicals and increasing levels of hepatoprotective glutathione.
  • Silymarin interacts with hepatic cell membranes, thereby blocking binding sites and inhibiting the uptake of toxins such as carbontetrachloride, alcohol and pollutants.
  • Silymarin helps block the potentially damaging effects of harmful substances in the liver such as alcohol, drugs and toxic chemicals.

One capsule, three times daily, or as directed.

Silymarin - 1 capsule provides
Milk Thistle
(Silybum marianum)**
170 mg
* Daily Value (DV) not established

** Standardized extract providing 80% Silymarin or Silymarin flavonoids

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