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Smidge® Beef Liver




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Smidge® Beef Liver supplement is a nutrient-dense source of protein, vitamin A, fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, now available in convenient capsule form! Beef liver is one of nature’s most potent traditional foods. Smidge sources from fresh, grass-fed New Zealand cows. While commercial beef liver supplements are dehydrated with heat in a process that breaks down nutrients, ours is freeze-dried in small batches to preserve nutrients. It’s full-fat and as close to nature as possible — and you get all the benefits without the distinct taste and texture of fresh-cooked liver. Smidge® Beef Liver capsules are also a source of vitamins B12, B2 (riboflavin) and B9 (folate), plus copper, selenium, iron and choline, and works well with an all-natural, whole-food diet. No additives, fillers or common allergens.
Suggested Use:
Take 4 capsules at once per day, or as directed by a practitioner

Sensitive individuals: Begin with 1 capsule daily, may be taken with food, juice or smoothie. Daily dose may be increased if needed or as recommended by a practitioner

Children: Capsules may be opened for smaller portions or in support of sensitive digestive systems. The flavor is strong and texture is dry, so mix it with other foods (i.e. soup, yogurt, coconut milk) and/or follow up immediately with other foods, (i.e. juice, smoothies). Do not administer more than 1 capsule per day for toddlers/young children unless otherwise specified by a practitioner.

100% pure beef liver (powder) - 2000mg.

Other ingredients: Gelatin capsule.
Note: Store in dry cool area
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