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SKU: SAN-5005
SomniTR™ is a delayed-release formula designed to initially release 1 mg of melatonin immediately after ingestion and 1 mg three hours later to help the patient stay asleep longer.*

SomniTR supports optimal melatonin production by supplementing multiple steps in the serotonin-to-melatonin pathway and also influences inhibitory GABAergic activity.* A deficiency in melatonin levels can contribute to prolonged sleep latency, inability to stay asleep, disruption to circadian rhythms and jet lag. Disordered circadian rhythm is hypothesized to contribute to increased appetite and weight gain. Melatonin also has the capability to reduce ACTH-stimulated cortisol production that has been found to interrupt sleep.

The delayed–release melatonin in SomniTR provides sustained levels for up to eight hours.

SomniTR also provides support for GABA-A receptor sites.* GABA-A agonists, such as Lactium have been shown to improve quality of sleep.* ForsLean supports cAMP4 while pantothenic acid supports acetyl coenzyme A,5 both of which are important in melatonin synthesis.*

SomniTR provides support for patients with sleeping problems.* It may be taken in conjunction with Lentra™, Prolent™ and/or Tranquilent™.
1  tablet before bedtime or as recommended by healthcare provider; allow for a full 8 hours of sleep.

Serving Size: 1 tablet

Amount Per Serving:
Pantothenic Acid … 20mg
(as pantethine)
Calcium … 107mg
(as Dicalcium Phosphate)
ForsLean® … 100mg
(Coleus forskohlii extract) (standardized for 20% forskolin) (root)
Lactium® … 75mg
Melatonin … 2mg

Other Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide,
hypromellose, pharmaceutical glaze.

Contains: milk

Does not contain: contain wheat, yeast, soy protein, peanuts, tree nuts, corn, artificial colors, flavors, sugars, or preservatives

Lactium® is a registered trademark under License and is protected under U.S. Patent #5,846,939
ForsLean® is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation and is supported by U.S. Patent #5,804,596
If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your clinician before use.  Discontinue use and consult your clinician if any adverse reactions occur.
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