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St. Johns Wort Oil

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Herb Pharm's oils are for topical use only. The herb is extracted into cold-pressed, Certified Organic Olive oil. We assure herb identity via macroscopic and organoleptic analysis, then confirm it through methods such as HPTLC fingerprinting specific to each herb. For External Use Only.

St. John's Wort Oil is prepared from the fresh (undried) flowering & budding top of Hypericum perforatum plants which are responsibly wildcrafted in their natural habitat.

To ensure optimal extraction of St. John's Wort's rich red pigments, the uppermost top of the plants is hand-harvested, and is then extracted while still fresh & succulent, into certified organically grown, cold pressed olive oil. 
Shake Well Before Using. For External Use Only.

Apply to skin with cotton gauze, or massage into skin until well absorbed. May stain clothing.

Ingredients: certified organic oil & St. John's Wort extractives. 
For External Use Only.

Keep Out of the Reach of Children. Store away from heat & light.
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