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Yin Qiao

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Pattern Identification:
External Wind-Heat invasion, Toxic Heat
Chinese Action:
Dispels Wind and Heat, eliminates interior Heat and Toxins, promotes sweat
Floating and rapid
Red tip with a thin, white or yellow coat
Indications (Symptoms):
-Helps relieve early stage sore throat, headache
-Aids in reducing occasional fever with or without chills, lack of sweat, thirst
-Eases occasional cough with yellow mucus, upper respiratory disharmony, allergies
-Promotes upper respiratory harmony

Take 1-2 tablets, 2-3 times daily

Pinyin Name
 -Common Name
Jin yin hua
 -Honeysuckle flower
Lian qiao
 -Forsythia fruit
Jie geng
 -Platycodon root
Niu bang zi
 -Burdock fruit
Bo he
 -Chinese mint herb
Lu gen
 -Phragmites rhizome
Dan dou chi
 -Soybean seed (prepared)
Gan cao
 -Chinese licorice root
Jing jie
 -Schizonpeta herb
Dan zhu ye
 -Lophatherum leaf and stem
50mg excipients and binders: silicon dioxide
(glidant/dehydrant), stearic acid
(lubricant/binder), microcellulose (coating).

Use only under the direct supervision of a qualified health care practitioner, seek their advice if pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children. Keep tightly capped and out of direct sunlight. Store at room temperature.


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