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Astra Essence

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SKU: HE2-1HA650090
Restorative Herbal Supplement

Chinese Therapeutic Effects: Tonifies Kidney Essence (Jing). Tonifies Kidney Yin and Yang. Tonifies Qi and Blood. 

3 Capsules BID to TID, Between Meals

Astragalus root and seed Huang Qi and Sha Yuan Ji Zi
Ligustrum fruit Nu Zhen Zi
Ho-shou-wu root He ShouWu
Lycium fruit Gou Qi Zi
Rehmannia (cooked) root Shu Di Huang
Eucommia bark Du Zhong
Cuscuta seed Tu Si Zi
Ginseng root Ren Shen
Tang Kuei root Dang Gui
Cornus fruit Shan Zhu Yu

Other Ingredients: Hypomellose (veggie cap), rice bran, and silica

This product is not intended for pregnant women. 
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