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Smidge® Oysterzinc




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Smidge® Oysterzinc is a pure zinc supplement made from 100% fresh oysters. It’s nature’s best source of zinc (an essential trace mineral) at 10 times the amount found in red meat. Each bottle contains the goodness of more than 60 oysters harvested from pristine Atlantic waters in Ireland. The oysters are produced by a proprietary artisan process to preserve bioactivity, ensuring an extremely high quality extract, with no additives, fillers or fortification (no shells either!). And Oysterzinc is naturally bound in peptides, amino acids and organic nutrients, making it very easy to absorb. Naturally occurring cofactors include copper, manganese and selenium, plus 19 amino acids including taurine, 59 trace minerals, 12 vitamins and omega-3 DHA and EPA. Support your immune system and get your zinc the natural way with Oysterzinc!
Suggeseted Use:
Take 4 capsules daily or as directed by physician.

Oyster extract powder. Vegetarian Capsule - Glazing aent (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), water, cellulose.
Store at room temp
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