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Jade Moon Passage

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Immune Infertility with Blood Stasis

Focus of Treatment:
-Regulate Blood, resolve stasis, prevent clotting
-Support Blood and Qi to nourish the endometrium,
 placenta and embryo
-Support and warm Kidney Yang to prevent miscarriage

Dan shen
 (Chinese salvia root and rhizome)
Huang qi
 (Astragalus root)
Dang gui shen
 (Dong quai root)
Bai shao
 (White peony root)
Yi mu cao
 (Siberian motherwort herb)
Chi shao
 (Chinese red peony root)
Yin yang huo
 (Epimedium herb)
Tu si zi
 (Chinese dodder seed)
Chuan xiong
 (Sichuan lovage rhizome)
Tao ren
 (Peach seed)
Hong hua
 (Carthamus flower)
Gui zhi
 (Chinese cinnamon twig)
Gan cao
 (Chinese licorice root)

Use caution if taking medications for IVF
Contraindicated during an acute phase of an infection or attack by an external pathogen


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